FORTUNE x FUNDING is the brainchild of Ricci Postan and the outcome of believing that funding opportunities should be designed. As self-appointed (and endorsed by fans) SMEs, working in the intersection of funders and beneficiaries, this is how FORTUNE x FUNDING designs collaborative philanthropy: 

  • We ninja-kick the barriers down to help beneficiaries gain ACCESS to the funding opportunities that they need for growth, development and expansion.

  • We create UTILITY in philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and employee engagement strategies by aligning with objectives to gain affinity for funders in their communities. 

  • We are more than players in the game, we fund, judge, liaise, strategize, comment and research to ensure a continued CALIBRE of meaningful funding opportunities are available.

Simply put, FORTUNE x FUNDING designs funding opportunities with more than 8 different offerings to meet the needs of funders & beneficiaries alike. 


In 2010, Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet announced a new standard of generosity amongst philanthropists: The Giving Pledge. It was established as a landmark initiative and a game changer to addressing problems in our society. Through a simple commitment to donate more than half of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes either during their lifetime or in their will, the world’s wealthiest individuals, couples and families defined collaborative philanthropy.

Philanthropy on that scale could address some of the world’s biggest challenges - but so can businesses, foundations, agencies and government, so at FORTUNE x FUNDING, we take a human-centred approach to designing funding opportunities. This allows for meaningful philanthropy and likely, a greater impact in your own backyard. 

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The ‘x’ that commits fortune to funding represents the potential design collaboration between the business that you like and the cause close to your heart. The ‘x’ doubles as the design approach that FORTUNE x FUNDING stands for.


The always inspired one, living in admiration of all things beautiful & clever. In addition to founding FORTUNE x FUNDING, Ricci also works as a skills coach with SKILLS 21c, designing custom experiential workshops for adults to learn how to live, survive and thrive in the 21st century. In her spare time she dabbles with small business consulting, lovingly meddles in the lives of friends & family, plays in the sun with her turtle Lou, and frequently falls down the rabbit hole of the internet (more often than she’d like to admit).